Swimming with an Angel

I've mentioned New Money for an Old America is about a group of ladies who win the largest lottery and how they spend their money, but I haven't talked about the supernatural events that give them guidance. Jimmy McDowell, a six foot tall, barrel chested, red-faced, hairy Irishman with a temperament, quite the opposite of his intimidating physique is referred to as my Angel-Man.

 Who has had angel encounters? They are rare but they do happen. This is the closest angel encounter I've had:

Swimming with an Angel

Our two boys are a miraculous gift from God. Everyone realizes human birth is a miracle. But our children came to us unexpected, in a miraculous way, making them extra special to us.

After three years of marriage, with practicing no birth control, my husband and I were disappointed we had not conceived. After talking with friends, we decided to consult a fertility specialist but it would be months before I could see the doctor. I filled the time reading, a favorite past time, mostly, magazines, everything from Better Homes and Gardens to Guidepost. I learned through articles many others faced our same situation of childlessness. I read how they dealt with their dilemma. Many faced financial devastation due to the cost of fertility measures, or argued in disagreement about the treatment or cost. Several divorced when they couldn’t agree on solutions or gave birth to special needs children. But in every case the outcome of the successful ones was the same. After they gave up trying so hard, they became pregnant. I contemplated as I read in between the lines of their stories and knew we faced a choice. We could trust God to bring us children His way, or we could take matters into our own hands.

I can tell you, this was no easy decision. But the stories I read helped make the decision to trust God explicitly. We believed the outcome would be the best for us and our personal situation. So I called and cancelled the appointment I had waited for so long.

We were eager and certain God would answer our prayers for children very quickly. We waited…and we waited…and we waited. Ten years. Then one Thursday afternoon, when we thought God’s answer was “No”, a call came. “Would you be interested in adopting two boys?” They were brothers, ages twenty-two months and eleven weeks, and of our same race. I started crying uncontrollably, knowing God had answered our prayers and had given us a double blessing because of faithfulness in waiting. Five days later two sweet tempered, blonde haired, blue eyed boys made us a family of four.

We believed God entrusted us with these precious lives so we were very watchful over them. They were never out of our site until one Wednesday afternoon. My husband was at work and I was home with our boys. They had been with us three years and we had settled into a routine. Both were napping. The younger one fought sleep and was out of his bed before naptime was over. I knew he had gotten up but I was busy in the kitchen. Within a couple of minutes I began to look around the house for him. I checked all the rooms and I began to panic when I couldn’t find him. My heart raced as I considered he might be outside of our home in the country.

Our house was built on a large pond and the front yard was water, with a retaining wall five railroad ties high, about forty inches. In distress, I threw open the door onto the deck, calling his name. He was nowhere in sight. I descended the stairs going toward the pond, looking carefully in every direction. My heart jumped as I saw him standing on the top of the retaining wall. I ran toward him thinking he was about to fall in the pond. Approaching, I saw he was wet from head to toe. I grabbed him up in my arms, kissing his face multiple times.

Confused I asked, “Did you go swimming?” knowing there was no way he could have climbed out of the pond without help.

“Uh,huh”, he said.

“How did you get out?”

“An angel pulled me out.”

It took me a few minutes to comprehend what he had said but I have spent a lifetime giving thanks for all that happened. We believe that God not only sent us two boys but he sent angels to keep them safe.