What's the Good News?

Do you ever wonder why some things make news? My husband and I always comment it's a slow day when they report a dog bite three counties away. Why is the negative always pointed out?

Imagine a news broadcast that named one bad happening to twenty good happenings. It's as if good is expected and pointing out the bad is our way of shaming others into being good.

Our neighbor and our son came over to help my husband put together a new gas grill last night. A friend brought me a home made apple pie the other day. My husband threw me a surprise birthday party and then we celebrated 33 years of marriage. I spent time with my demented father in the park Sunday, eating a moon pie and drinking root beer because it brought back fond memories. Non of this made the news but it was a great week in spite of the dog bite three counties away!

I've never known broadcasting shame to change a person for the better but reporting the good could change the world. It might even be contagious!