The 8th Wonder

We have purchased a home. I'm calling it the 8th Wonder and that's because this will be the 8th home my husband and I have either build, renovated or restored in our 33 years of marriage. There is a TV show called "Rehab Addict". We can relate! They say you are influenced by what you see and I distinctly recall my first exposure to HGTV. I was glued to it for I was seeing before my very eyes the things I had been doing. A movement was born thanks to HGTV! And shows like "Rehab Addict" continue to fuel the fires.

So what influences you? The things around us will cause us to go in a particular direction. There are so many things to be influenced by these days that it behooves us choose wisely. How will you choose your influence? The Bible cautions us to "count the cost", in other words, how much am I willing to invest in what influences me and what will be the return on that investment - of time and money and reputation?

So far we have not lost on our housing investments. We have gained more on our investment than we would have thought possible. I'm not talking financially but I'm talking relationally. My husband and I have gained in learning compromise and patience through our projects. They have drawn us closer together when they could have caused discord. We have also made many relationships with contractors who have become friends through these projects.

Choose what influences you - don't be a victim of your influences.