Had to Laugh

While watching television I heard a new ad from Goodwill. The Goodwill guy was sitting in a field cross legged with a flower and in a calming voice said:

"Everything in our universe exists in a continuous state of change. The key to commitment lies in achieving a perfect state of balance. For example; when your home feels crowded you donate and when it feels empty you shop."

I laughed hilariously. It's good to look at life on the lighter side.

What's your way to achieve a perfect state of balance in this continuously changing world?

Sometimes Changes Change Everything

When circumstances change due to another person's decision it can be life altering. You are left to deal with their decision. Pick up the pieces and move on. Recently a few friends, married 25 plus years, had spouses who decided to change the marriage arrangement without the consent of the other. WOW! The remaining person unsuspectingly was left to deal...left to cope.

So it is with the changes in America. Someone has changed the things we value, the things we have trusted in. We are left to deal...left to cope. It begs the question, what then can we trust in?

For me, I trust in God who never changes. He is the same in every generation, in every culture, to anyone who has every lived during anytime in history. How is that possible? Because He is more about character than circumstances. Love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness and faith. By learning to incorporate these character qualities I have confidence...not in my circumstances but in the character I am developing that will see me through any circumstance.

Cleaning out the Closets

It's time to clean the closets. We've lived in our condo for two years now and things are beginning to pile up. It's hard to get rid of things. Either we hope we will use them again or we form some sort of emotional attachment. But when things overspill it's time to throw some out.

I have lived in times when things were not as prolific as they are now. You saved things because you knew they might not be available again. Or you saved clothes because you wore them until you outgrew them. Not these days. There is, not only an explosion of material things, but also an explosion of information. We have more and we know more than ever.

So, how does one decide what to toss? It's imperative to establish criteria for saving or we might be on one of those television shows, "Horders"! Yikes!! Or information overload can cause depression. Human tendency is to be responsible for the things we take in - either materially or emotionally. My criteria for keeping and including things in my life is this: Do they continue to be beneficial in some way? If not...I toss it!

Things a Changin'

Societies change and evolve. History proves that. They must change. It's like my closet cleaning. We have to throw away some things to make way for the new.

God created humankind, in his likeness - as creative people. So we create. But when we create or establish something new the old must give way. Many arguments ensue, especially from older society members, on the benefits of change. But like it or not, change in inevitable.

The thing I like most about being a Christian is that God never changes. His character and core values have remained consistent over time. By learning how to live according to those core values it has given me criteria for accepting societal change. When change affects my character or core values I must resist.

Comfort for Style?!

Yesterday was perfect for bike riding - cool and sunny. I usually go alone so I called to my husband in another room "Think I'll go for a bike ride." I proceeded to get ready with jacket, gloves and my latest conviction...a helmet.

My husband was standing in the kitchen as I was on my way out. "I was going with you", he said with raised eyebrow and head cocked to one side. "What?" I said. I don't look cool enough for you?" We laughed.

Now this is the same guy who said to me last year upon buying pants with a two inch elastic insert in the waistband, "You know you're getting old when you trade comfort for style."

There was a day when I wouldn't have even thought about a helmet and a day when he wouldn't have considered those pants. But a friend once said, "Nothing changes but the changes."


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