Status Quo

When is status quo good enough?

The definition of status quo is: the existing condition or state of affairs. So when is that ever possible? Even a piece of metal sitting in a field changes. Over time it will rust. The conditions surrounding anything will cause a change. It will continue to evolve.

It is impossible not to change; to remain status quo. We don't necessarily need to make leaps, but small changes are necessary to keep up with our changing world. We must take charge of the change or the rust will set in.

I heard a definition of a conservative the other day. One who strives for things to remain the same. Based on that definition we should have no conservatives in the world. All should be pro-active in changes which are inevitable.

Be sure to see how my characters face change in New Money for an Old America.

Its Spring at Last

Ahh...Spring. Everyone is talking about it and enjoying it. I enjoyed a beautiful day, tree gawking. A two hour ride with my wonderful parents and an ice cream break in the middle was just what we needed.

Rain is supposed to start tonight and last for several days. Even though the temperatures will be mild, inevitably the rain will knock the blooms off the Tulip and Pear trees and probably the brilliant yellow Forsythia bushes too, giving them only about a week and a half at their peak.

Life is kind of like that, too. Our peak only lasts a few years. The remainder of time is getting there and learning to let go, which reminds me of a post a few weeks ago. Life is not about the destination but it's about the journey. And as I am learning, the journey coming...and going.

Bookworm, Its Ok!

Bookworm. The word conjures up thoughts of slithery, slimy, slug like images ambling through the pages of a book. Yuk! Growing up it was a word to describe a most uninteresting person who escaped real life by living between the pages of a great novel.

Beginning in the 4th grade I escaped class by volunteering with books as a student librarian two days a week during one period. In 5th and 6th grade I escaped bedtime through books, the adventures of Nancy Drew, long after lights out. And in college I escaped the loneliness of being 1,000 miles from home by writing those feelings on paper.

Nowadays there is a proliferation of writing because there are so many opportunities to experience real life and to document it in a book. And that is the competition for any writer. There are few bookworms left because life has leaped off the pages surrounding us with adventure.

The Stands... Why Write?

When there are so many adventures and so few readers it begs the question; why write about it? Does the world really need it?

John Adcock's blog aptly described the answer to this question and settled the issue for me.

"The book you're writing is extremely critical to you. The dream you're growing is wildly necessary for you. The question of whether the world needs it is moot. You need it. To do it. To complete it. To wrestle the demon of doubt and know that you made it through. "Does the world need your dream?" is the wrong question to ask first. The right question is "Do I need this dream?" And if the answer is "yes", and it should be if you're working on the right thing, then keep working."

Update: Thy Kingdom Come is in the 14th chapter of the first draft.

A Gap in Time?

Technology is said to close a time gap. Things happen faster than ever before in history. Information is found and read with the click of a button. Contracts are entered into without meeting the parties involved and items can be purchased without leaving the comfort of home. We shortcut time through technology but what do we miss along the way? We miss time, that's all.

I, for one, like having time. Time to think, not just react. Thinking, in this world of technology, has become a luxury. That's why I indulge every morning for about an hour. Me and coffee. I read a quote once that I like to repeat often. "Sometimes I sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits." I don't know who said it, but I like it.