Winter or Spring's hanging on to Spring, not letting us slip into the next season. Everyone coming into the shop is complaining. Even though I love snow and I think the one earlier this week was beautiful, the way it covered the bare tree branches, it's time to see leaves coming out on those trees. But I've never seen Spring fail to come. In all my years Spring follows Winter, then Summer and Fall. There is something good about predictability. I like that I can count on something, especially living in these ambiguous times.

Nature has always been my cathartic for cleansing the worries of life. Most things are out of our control and it's hard to just let go and let it happen. But when I talk a walk, observing the beauty in sights and sounds of nature, I realize God is saying He's got it all under control.

The Journey

The Journey...In New Money for an Old America, is from Cedar Lake, Indiana, a town caught in a time warp, to Navajo Nation, a nation caught in a time warp. What happens on the journey changes the lives of all who travel there AND the destiny of an entire nation. The changes take place in body, soul and spirit. It is the journey that matters in the end.

The Results are In...

The overwhelming majority of you say, have Jodi and Jake fall in love. So it is (and was planned all along). I knew my readers wouldn't want zombies. Save that for the YA (young adult)audience.

That's another part of writing. Know your audience. Who are you telling your story to?

My stories are for people like me. Adult (both male and female - not that I'm both but you know what I mean), who have concerns about our changing world (both politically and environmentally), have a Christian world view, and want to be entertained while reading. When you know your audience you can write what they feel thus making a connection.

So...nix the zombies!

Continuing the process

Continuing the process...inspiration + imagination + audience. That's a good beginning. Now what?There must be a plot with a good guy and a bad guy,a beginning and an ending, with a battle in between. "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." (Ursula K. LeGuin)

The journey is what makes the plot worth the read!

Vote for the Outcome!!

So…using your imagination – if you’ve read Blog #2 – the third novel, loosely titled Thy Kingdom Come is about Jodi who has discovered hidden facts in The New World Kingdom of Heaven. The inhabitants of the new world are not safe. The fabricated planet will likely go off its orbit, sending the inhabitants into space, and  lost forever.

I need your help with the third novel; it’s on the computer now. Would you rather, #1 - see Jodi get captured by zombies in the desert and tortured to truth or #2 - see her get amnesia from an injury, be secretly taken to Navajo Nation and fall in love with Jake? Whichever you choose, the secret is with Jodi and she alone can solve the dilemma.

Post your vote.