History Creates Future

A few weeks ago, I dug through the contents of an old trunk I’ve kept for 40 years (yes, I did say 40). I’ve kept mementos, reminding me of the life I have lived. I doubt anyone except me will ever be interested in what’s in that trunk but from time to time I like to remind myself of my history. It helps me know why I’ve made decisions for the past 40 years and gives me understanding about the path I’ve chosen.

  • History…it’s what has happened before today…or even what’s happened before this very moment. History is the past.
  • Future…it’s what will happen tomorrow or even what will happen in the next moment. Future has not happened yet.
  • But history affects future and no matter who we are, we hope it will include peace, prosperity, and happiness.

When it comes to making decisions for the future of groups of people and not just individuals, diversities can cause arguments because no two people have the same history. Family, friends, education, vocation, experiences, all vary, affecting decisions about the future. Commonalties such as culture, generation, and nationality do give a common thread but no two lives are the same.

Palm Sunday was today. At church, we heard a sermon based on the history of Jesus as it relates to each of us. I believe everyone should be interested in His story. It can give us a basis for making decisions and confidence in choosing a path for the future based on character… a common thread that doesn’t vary according to culture, generation or nationality.

My history is not enough to build confidence in my future because, in digging through my trunk I realize I would likely make decisions based on avoiding disappointment or pain. That doesn’t necessarily lead to a life fully lived. Tucked among my things is a small tattered white Bible I received when I was six. Discovering it’s contents has been a common thread throughout my life. Learning the character of God displayed through the life of Jesus has helped me make decisions about the future. His-story has been my guiding light for my future.