Time, Money & Love

What if time and money didn’t exist? What a different world this would be.

We spend our time on earning money to buy things that bring us pleasure in this world. Most of the things we buy are necessary – food, shelter, clothing, transportation – and we need them in order to survive in this world. In our extra time, we enjoy extra things we buy with the extra money we spend time earning. That gives us purpose in this life and people judge the quality of our life on how we earn our money and what we do with that money.

 But how does God judge the quality of our life? How does He measure our worth or excellence? And what purpose does He have for our life?

Because God’s kingdom is infinity then it has no time or money boundaries. The Bible says the merit system that determines our worth or excellence and gives us purpose is love. Although spending time and money on someone you love is common, when those boundaries are removed then how do we measure love? What do we have besides time and money that expresses our love to God and to others?

The Bible gives us the answer. Patience, kindness, contentment, doesn’t brag or show off, isn’t self-centered, is not rude or easily angered, doesn’t remember when someone does you wrong, isn’t pleased with evil but defends the truth, always protects, always trusts, always hope and always preservers. (1 Cor. 13: 4 – 7)

In God’s kingdom of heaven, this is how we are measured. Heaven is not a far off place. It exists now and we should put His standards to practice now. In our efforts of finding purpose in this life, let us not lose sight of finding purpose in our eternal life.