Greenwood Public Library Hosts Book Fair

In the world of creative writing, an average person now has the capability to write and publish a book. But as the increase in books has happened, authors need ways to let people know about their works.

The Greenwood Public Library (GPL) acknowledges this increase in literary works and is hosting an Author Book Fair in order to promote local authors. Valerie Moore, Reference Librarian at the GPL, has taken it upon herself to organize this event. Central Indiana authors have been invited to showcase their literary works on Saturday October 17, 2015 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. This will be the third year Valerie has organized this event. Think Craft Fair only Book Fair, and the public is invited to attend free of charge.

 About 40 authors will have tables throughout the library with creative displays and they will sell their books. Come prepared to buy with cash as purchases will be directly with the authors and some do not accept credit card payments. Attendees may chat with authors about their subject or their publishing journey. It will be a great way to experience a variety of indie-literary artists.

“Indie” is a term applied to independent works or pure works produced directly by the artist and not slicked up by industry professionals. What you read from an indie literary artist will be straight from their creative imagination. Reading something published by one of the “Big Six” traditional publishers fits a formula based on what sells best. Think Nicolas Sparks. Yes, we love his romance writing because it make us cry and feel all warm and fuzzy in the end, but who is to say an indie-writer won’t evoke those same emotions. Many of the authors represented at the past GPL Book Fairs have been romance writers but other genres of fiction and non-fiction will be there.

Come and find out what’s in the imagination of local authors. Those willing to take a chance on purchasing a book by one of the authors at the GPL Author Book Fair just might be among the first to read something that could become as popular as the Harry Potter series.