Inside Out

Writing is a scary thing. It exposes the inside of you to the outside world. Most of us don’t go out in public without grooming ourselves in some way. We don’t just roll out of bed and go out in public – well… I may have seen some of that lately – but most will shower, brush teeth, comb hair, put clothes on.People like me will wash and style hair, put make-up on, check the full length mirror to make sure nothing is showing that shouldn’t be seen. Then we go out in public. It’s a matter of pride that we take in our appearance.

Manners are also a matter of pride we take in our respect of others. We don’t blurt what we are thinking – well… I may have heard some of that lately – but most restrain their thoughts because it’s important to care about other’s feelings and we know how words can hurt. People like me will try to find something good to say because we truly want others to feel better.

Now writing…the scary thing about that is when you write, your thoughts spill out. It’s like going naked in public or blurting your most vile thought. The brain is like a computer. It stores information but a writer’s brain doesn’t operate according to any specific software – even though that is now available for commercial writers (you know the ones; the names and places change but not the plot). A writer’s brain spills out bits of memory, information, grammar, speech patterns and feelings. And that is scary.

That’s where writers need editors. They are like the full length mirror. They make sure nothing is showing that shouldn’t be seen. That’s a trusting relationship and hard to find. Their views must be similar to yours or things will get cut that are important. But their role is to make you sale-able.

So if I were to advertise for an editor I would say: Looking for someone who has positive approach to life and desires to encourage others, looks for the rosy side of life yet realizes life is not always that way, knows the power of change and overcoming circumstances, believes and hopes for the best in people. Oh, and if that sounds like the 13th chapter of 1Corinthians, I think it does say something like that. So…know any editors like that? Send them my way.