To Secede or Not to Secede?

Of all the things I've heard lately the one that peaked my interest most is the northern part of Colorado wants to secede from the rest of Colorado to form their own state. Apparently most of those living in rural Colorado feel their interests are not adequately represented and their way of life is being threatened by new laws from gun control to energy production. Now they want a state and legislation that will support the interests of rural Colorado and not only those of urban Colorado.

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Changing America

On the issue of changing laws in America: Humans possess power to accomplish or do anything – even change the definition of marriage that has been around for a couple of thousand years. American’s might even decide legally to adopt animals as children so tax dollars could go toward their education at an approved doggie training school. We could do it as long as we can get enough people to agree and get politicians to legislate accordingly. That’s the way a democracy works…right? Majority rules.

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History Creates Future

A few weeks ago, I dug through the contents of an old trunk I’ve kept for 40 years (yes, I did say 40). I’ve kept mementos, reminding me of the life I have lived. I doubt anyone except me will ever be interested in what’s in that trunk but from time to time I like to remind myself of my history. It helps me know why I’ve made decisions for the past 40 years and gives me understanding about the path I’ve chosen.

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Second Act

Life is an adventure and I decided the second half of my life should include the things I always wanted to do but couldn’t because of restraints imposed upon me during the first half. Life was full of expectations during the first half of my life, from my parents, then from my husband and our business, then from our children. I gladly lived up to those roles. But the second half, ah, that belongs to me.

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Inside Out

Writing is a scary thing. It exposes the inside of you to the outside world. Most of us don’t go out in public without grooming ourselves in some way. We don’t just roll out of bed and go out in public – well… I may have seen some of that lately – but most will shower, brush teeth, comb hair, put clothes on.People like me will wash and style hair, put make-up on, check the full length mirror to make sure nothing is showing that shouldn’t be seen. Then we go out in public. It’s a matter of pride that we take in our appearance.

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