Seems like a certain question keeps coming up from readers of New Money for an Old America. Where do you get your ideas? They come from my imagination that has been sparked by inspiration. And who can tell from where the firing of those cylinders is sparked. That is the magic.

The best explanation I know comes from a recent movie starring Morgan Freeman – The Magic of Belle Isle. It would inspire anyone to write. It’s even inspired my husband to write, even though I’ve seen no evidence of stories and we watched the movie a month ago. But the movie is about a ‘washed-up’ writer who gets new inspiration and therefore it needed to inspire us as well.

My advice, if you have the urge – just write. Unless you are pursuing a career in commercial writing you don’t need to follow the rules of writing. Writing is creating something from your imagination and there are no rules for that!

Go Self! Yea-Rah!!

Nobody likes being their own cheerleader. It somehow seems vain but also a necessary means to an end; sales. (And let me tell you how great I am…so you will buy what I’m selling.) But really, it’s like coaching, competing, and encouraging yourself.

We live in a time when this is possible. Never before have we had instant information and speed. Twenty years ago if I had written a book, it would have taken years. I would have needed the library, several pencils with erasers, a typewriter, stamps to send query letters to editors, and years of patience while waiting for a response from a publisher. Fewer books were written then. An editor scouted talent, coached talent into greatness and sang praises to a publisher who took a chance that they could convince multitudes of that greatness. Sales followed.

Now with technology we can research, upload and print our own book. And we can promote our own sales. But…we will always need you – the buyer. “No man is an island entire of itself…” a famous quote is true. No matter how self-sustaining we think we have become, we will always need each other in some capacity.