Heaven Bound in a Hollywood World

Heaven bound in a hollywood world, by Author Frieda Dowler, Greenwood Native, Christian Liturature, SiFi, Short StoriesAre you a Christian woman in your twenties searching for life’s purpose, hoping for fulfillment but allowing others to disrupt your destiny?

Listening to messages from the media…messages from Hollywood…messages from others silently telling us who we should be can cause us to compromise our identity and destiny or fail to discover it.

What if you could become the person God created you to be and with a purpose in your future?

You can. It starts with being honest and true…accepting who you are…being uniquely you and getting to know and trust God in the process.

Heaven Bound in a Hollywood World is an engaging 4-part challenge designed to help you change your world as you silence media influences, 30 minutes a day for 33 days. You will discover yourself and direction for your future. This spiritual guide requires introspection as you journal, pray, and read Bible passages.

• Challenge 1 - Change Your Reality explores your beliefs related to Christianity

• Challenge 2 – Change Your Identity shows how to view yourself as three distinct parts - body, soul, and spirit

• Challenge 3 – Change Your Community explains the importance of kindred relationships

• Challenge 4 - Change Your Story asks you to journal your plan of commitment, determination, and hopes.

Frieda Dowler has spent countless hours with women as a hairstylist, hearing their struggles with identity, purpose, and relationships. Committed to discovering God’s way of life since age 23, He has never failed to guide her. From her heart, she shares what she has learned.