New Money for an Old America

New Money, for an old America, author, frieda dowler, iUniverse, greenwood IndianaHope and deliverance come from unexpected places when five friends living in future post-Christian America win history’s largest lottery. Plans have been made to retire on NASA’s fabricated planet, intended for Christians. Solutions for a nation in peril lie in relocating this large segment of population to The New World. Wilma and Ray Smith’s windfall changes not only their direction but the course of an entire nation.

The Smiths alter plans shortly after winning. Circumstances surrounding their adult adopted sons take them to Navajo Nation, a historic relocation project, where the inequity of past and future is brought to light. Fraternal twins, John and Jake, have taken diverse paths; one guards his secret past with a successful career, living extravagantly, the other descends into the world of alcoholism, living recklessly. Decisions are delayed as they all listen to God’s leading through circumstances, a guardian angel, and a series of dreams. Will they escape and leave a despairing world behind or will they stay and make a difference? Can new money save an old America?

Find out how change is launched when lives are transformed.